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Uno Immanivong

Chino Chinatown
Chef and Owner
Dallas, Texas
Chef Uno was recently seen on “ABC’s The Taste” competing on Anthony Bourdain’s team. She started her cooking career when she founded Foodie Couture, a cooking entertainment and catering company. Uno is currently the chef and owner of Chino Chinatown in Trinity Groves. Ultimately Uno’s food journey was inspired by her mother who catered as she was growing up.  She observed the art of creating every dish, along with the happiness that resulted from each bite. Uno describes her mother as a symphony conductor in the kitchen… moving nibbling between dishes to ensure she had the consistency and balanced flavors that her guest craved. Her attention to detail, down to the cucumber scored to look like a flower garnish, is what drives Uno to perfection every day.The kitchen is where Uno spent most of her childhood, learning and understanding Southeastern Asia ingredients while cooking side by side with her mother. She continued her culinary experience by attending cooking classes, shadowing the tops chefs in the country and simply playing with her food. Uno is also a chef instructor with Share our Strength Foundation, where she has been received awards for the Gold Standard and Advocacy.