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Lisa Walter

Lisa Walter grew up near Dallas and attended Texas A&M to study Computer Visualization. After serving time in assorted cubicles in assorted corporations making computers do assorted things, Lisa decided to free herself from corporate life. In 2004, she sold the bulk of her worldly possessions and moved herself and her dog to Alaska for a 9-month-long mountain adventure during which she reset her life goal to "make a living creatively, doing good." Upon returning to Dallas in 2005, Lisa lived as a full-time painter and launched FreeLisa Designs, an eco-friendly screen printing company and graphic design business, and continued her mission of maintaining a creative life with a positive impact. 

In 2010, Lisa was introduced to the plastic, non-recyclable materials used for outdoor billboards and shortly thereafter she launched Banner Theory to "turn unsustainable waste into sustainable good" by repurposing reclaimed billboard vinyl into accessories and indoor-outdoor furniture. A portion of Banner Theory's profits go directly to small non-profits that are consistent with her mission of "doing good."

"One of my favorite reactions to Banner Theory has been seeing people’s disbelief in the usefulness of the materials we use. Most people react with “That’s what a billboard is made of?” and it’s almost always followed up by a mini-brainstorm of suggestions for other uses. We have contributed overflow of banner material to community projects for murals, temporary fences, dumpster pools, and even raincoats! It has been wonderful to educate the public on alternative uses of this material which would otherwise end up in landfills.