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Daniel Kelada

Vinovium Partners
Sommelier & Vice President
Houston, Texas
Entrepreneur- First and foremost. The mind set, the work ethic and the ability to know how and when to think in or out side the box is a characteristic I carry with me in all me endeavors. I believe in leadership based on empowerment and clear communication.

Biochemist- I was an instructor for interns. My role was to instruct students through a series of set lab procedures laid out for the academic year that involved RNA and the implication it has in gene silencing and gene therapy. I am involved currently with more of a focus on raw chemistry for applications involved with MIK Technology; where the technologies encompass multiple separation processes and control means designed to manipulate ionic and non-ionic compositions in water. Therefore, many of our developments rely heavily on ion exchange resin and membrane technologies, in addition to conventional technologies such as filtration, ultra violet disinfection, etc. We are a water technologies company. 

Sommelier- A passion come to life. Drinking wine is one thing, but knowing what wine can tell you is a completely different thing. You taste history every time you take a drink; and just as complicated as 10,000 yr. of history can be, wine is just as complicated. It is always great to be able to share what I've learned with others with the same passion, it perpetuates me to want to know more. That's the reason I created GUSTO

Teacher- Teaching is a thing I feel will become life long. I've seen and experienced them all; the good, the bad and the great. I'm truly fortunate for that. Currently I'm a Senior Wine Instructor with the International Wine Guild. Teaching to me is like telling a story; everyone loves a good story.

Specialties:I have a talent of taking complicated information and presenting it in a manner that is understandable to others. I am very forward-thinking, I am good at spotting trends, strategic planning and project management. I am a reliable facilitator and negotiator. I have broad experience in areas of accounting, finance, marketing and public relations.