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Christopher Haley

Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project
Director of Publications and Marketing
Rhetoric is the art of identifying in any given situation the available means of persuasion. -Aristotle 

This classical understanding of rhetoric is at the heart of my professional life, whether I am developing an innovative business plan, writing compelling copy, or giving a lecture to college students. 

In my current employment, I specialize in creating innovative programming, managing an independent publishing division, designing high quality marketing materials, managing web and social media, directing an internship program, and communicating sophisticated ideas in direct and engaging language. 

My academic background is in philosophy, english, rhetoric, and ancient languages. 

I have over seven years of experience as a teacher, tutor, and education instructor for various professional subjects, which has taught me to communicate effectively to diverse audiences in a variety of media. This has helped me write successful copy in a range of fields: non-profit, academic, cultural, financial, marketing, and political. 

My areas of expertise are non-profit programming; writing, editing, and communication strategy; education and academia; philosophy, theology, and politics.