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Britt Harless

Bohèm Unique Gems

Britt Harless was born and raised in a creative environment in Dallas, Texas. This unconventional yet traditional woman grew up traveling extensively. She trained with industry mentors in workshops, hands on over the years, and learned from her artistic family members. She started out selling her own designs mixed with wholesale pieces from around the world. She soon turned to designing her own lines exclusively and is ever evolving in the world of fashion and design. In her travels, she developed a deep love and appreciation of culture and ancient history. Solely, she designs and hand-sketches each piece, creates original molds, sets gemstones and adds all the special wearable touches to each piece of jewelry. A blend of nature + abstract is her token style.

Britt Harless is a proud member of many organizations including Fashion Group International, Daughters of Republic of Texas, President of GE&OF TX, National Association of Professional Women, and Fashion Group International. She also has many causes that are dear to her heart. To name a couple in particular, she volunteers her time mentoring young women & men and animal advocacy.