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Andrea Bednar

PoP Associates
CEO & Chief Scientist
Fairview, Texas

PoP Associates is a consulting firm specializing in connecting values and behaviors. We provide the Values Profile assessment to determine what people actually value and then work together with our clients to design structures and practices the generate resonance and harmony between what our clients value and what they “do”. This resonance and harmony produces sustainable results consistent with our client’s highest aspirations.

After twenty years in performance consulting, Andrea Bednar has designed and delivered leadership development programs to thousands of executives; successfully delivered hundreds of corporate program sessions; and collaborated with her clients for hundreds of executive coaching programs.

Andrea’s projects have included transforming the trauma and measurable performance of 9000 employees and contractors at a refinery after a tragic accident; moving an established and honored R&D department from the closed world of R&D to an effective marketing area for a new forestry product; the refocus and repurpose of a division of an oil & gas major in Alaska after a spill; bringing leadership development and performance to mining in Malaysia; supporting factory workers to have an effective, united, and rational voice in their business; bringing together contractors, office staff and management over the budget, scheduling and safety of a $1 billion project in Canada; creating effective communication between Aboriginal’s and a company harvesting minerals in Australia; designing a pathway forward for an Iraqi company and an American company jointly and effectively running a $20 billion project in Iraq.

Andrea has worked with clients in various industries, and throughout North America, the UK and Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia.

In addition, Andrea’s personal contribution to the global community is a profoundly satisfying aspect of her life. In her passion for the practice of inquiry, she has led salons all over the world to encourage (and train) others; she is co-founder of the Executives for the Extraordinary - Education for Everyone (E4E), which brings a diverse group of executives together to provide funding and labor for projects to improve education for children in the poorest countries in the world; she is currently a faculty member for the Southeast Asia Leadership Academy and Chairman of the North America Leadership Academy. Andrea is also serving on the 2015 Executive Board for the Society of International Business Fellows.

Andrea is a certified Master Integral Coach and lives in North Texas with her husband, Tim, their beloved Great Pyr - Humphrey and Morty, the one-legged parrot.