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Amrit Kirpalani

Founder & CEO
Dallas, Texas
Amrit is a father, husband, entrepreneur, and community citizen. He serves on international committees and believes business has the ability to create tremendous social impact. 
Based on his business and community experiences, Amrit conceptualized 9HappyPeople, a social enterprise with the goal of creating jobs in local, under-served communities.
Currently, Amrit is the Founder & CEO of nectarOM, an omnichannel marketing personalization SaaS company based in the West End of Dallas. Throughout his professional career, Amrit’s distinctive trait has been creating connections and  collaborations between people and organizations to help solve challenges. With 9HappyPeople, Amrit is taking this to a new level by bringing together key community leaders and innovating on business practices to solve a broad community challenge. Amrit is currently a member of the Dallas Mayor’s Star Council, a Board Member at Lumin Education serving the East and West Dallas communities, an advisor to the City of Irving, and volunteers his time on various committees for the Sathya Sai International Organization. He is also a recipient of the Minority Business Leader Award and multiple Emerging Company CEO awards. Amrit previously spent time with McKinsey & Company and Accenture. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and BBA from the University of Miami. With two young daughters and a full professional & community schedule, he takes full advantage of playtime with the girls – reading, playing, and just being together. Some of the most joyous moments are rolling on the floor together and hearing their laughter as he pretends to tickle them. With his wife, he enjoys volunteering, cooking, traveling, and exploring together -- she is his inspiration. In his spare time, he enjoys making attempts at golf – there is something about seeing that ball soar through the air and, occasionally, go where he actually wants it to go.