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Aimee Bentson

Avyn, Inc.
Founder & CEO
Aimee is the founder and CEO of Avyn, a women's made-to-measure brand using patent-pending body-scanning and 3D imaging technology to make custom clothing a global business. Avyn seeks to address all of these issues simultaneously by creating both a brand and a platform, to revolutionize the industry from the back end to the front. Using three dimensional (3D) body scanning and patent-pending pattern-adjusting technology Avyn will improve the quality and fit of garments faster than ever before. Simultaneously, Avyn will remove struggles and complexities that brands and retailers face today.

Avyn will become not just a brand – but the retailer of the new millennium, with true-fitting clothing, fantastic customer service, a smaller physical footprint, and lower back-end costs than previously associated with made-to-measure (MTM). Avyn is a company that combines product, world-class technology, and a superior service into one dominating force.