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Stephanie Campos

Social Revolt Marketing
Co-Founder & Publicist
Dallas, Texas

When I was in 7th grade I decided that I wanted to talk for a living, simple enough right? Fast forward 12 or so years and I haven’t stopped living the dream. I’m a woman of my word. More importantly, I understand the value of the thought out phrase, the catchy slogan, and the art of speech. I have cultivated the habit of listening to those I meet. Never afraid to ask questions, evaluate, debate, and weigh out all angles of a situation. 

You might say, sure Stephanie, so prove it. Challenge accepted! While I could list all of the tiny victories leading up to my aha moment, I’ll start from the commencement of my dream. Soon after deciding my life’s plan, I was writing, editing and recording commercials for Radio Disney at age 14. By age 17 I was the first Public Relations intern at Bishop Lynch High school, a position created only after my initiative to ask. At 19 I was interning with the Dallas Stars Hockey Club where I stayed for 3 years. This is where I was shown the wonderful world of Community Marketing.

Through this incredible growing experience I learned from some of the best in the business. I shadowed every department and attended almost every game. In turn, I was interacting with fans of all ages, corporate executives, and professional athletes alike. My experience here enabled me to recognize more than ever the magic of rhetoric. Whether it was exciting and engaging the fans, implementing my delegated duties in a timely and efficient manor, or commanding the cooperation of the players themselves, I was constantly challenged for the better. 

Now at 27, I have worked for the North Texas Food Bank, Omni Hotels, and Red Bull. Taking with me the same excitement for learning, keen eye, and open ear to every company. This enabled me to launch a Digital Marketing and Public Relations agency, with a partner, Social Revolt Marketing.