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David Matthews

Trailblazer Capital
Dallas, TX

David Matthews has a background as an entrepreneur, a lead investor in emerging alternative investment funds, a venture capitalist, and as a venture philanthropist.

As an entrepreneur, David launched several successful start-ups including Intelecon, Green Mountain Dallas, and The Exchange. Intelecon was a Dallas-based audio-visual services company that he and two co-founders grew from $0 to $22 million of annual revenue between 1991 and 1998. In addition to his oversight of the finance and administration of the business, he grew the company's system integration and outsourcing business from $0 to over $12 million of annual revenue. He achieved this growth by cultivating relationships with customers including Sterling Software, Dell, AMD, First USA, and Nortel. Beginning in 1994, the company was recognized in the "Dallas 100 Awards" for five straight years; it was also recognized in the "Inc 500" in 1996. David's exit from the business was achieved through a partial recapitalization of the company and the spin-off of its system integration and outsourcing business.

Green Mountain Dallas was an affinity marketing business that was built for the benefit of Green Mountain Energy and its shareholders. David developed a marketing strategy that targeted high-credit, high-usage, and low-churn homeowners in North Texas. After reducing the customer acquisition cost from $1,000 to under $300 and growing the acquisition rate from 10 to over 600 homes monthly between 2004 and 2005, he successfully integrated the business into the parent company.

As a lead investor in alternative investment funds, Matthews brought the initial capital together to back emerging managers in such funds as Red River Ventures (a private equity fund), INCAP Financial Group (a real estate development fund), Green Bull Fund (a clean energy fund), Elm Creek Partners (a private equity fund), and Trailblazer Capital (an early-stage venture fund in which Matthews is also a Managing Partner).

As a venture capitalist, David has invested in a number of early-stage entrepreneurial ventures including PeopleAnswers, Urban Labs, Coquest Structured Products, Green Mountain Dallas, K12, Avvantica, Zaadz, SensorLogic, Jumpstart Innovations, SE2 Labs, Noofangle Media, and The Exchange.

As a venture philanthropist, David has developed innovative, entrepreneurial approaches for raising hard-to-get operating funds for philanthropic causes. With Green Mountain Dallas, he developed an affinity marketing program that raised over $1,000,000 for schools, churches, and other philanthropic organizations through the grass-roots marketing of Green Mountain's wind energy to small groups of homeowners. He founded The Exchange in Oklahoma City, which produces unique events and constructs and manages exhibits which raise operating funds for early-childhood education programs. Two of the company's exhibits, OKCityscape and Dallas Cityscape, generated over $500,000 of net contributions to the schools they support during their first two years of operation.

David has served on the boards of a number of not-for-profit organizations including Cedars Camps, KERA (the Dallas PBS affiliate), OKC Educare, and Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO). A 15-year member of the Dallas EO Chapter, he founded the Oklahoma Chapter of EO in 2007 and served as Chapter President for the 2009-10 year.

Mr. Matthews earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Engineering from Ohio State University in 1986.